Global Citizen 2000 Curriculum Development and Dissemination Project:

Mission Statement
Teaching and Learning

Global Citizen 2000 shapes the way people view the world by using the Multiple Perspectives of:

Building a New Iraq
Children's Rights
Civil Wars
Global Literature
Minority Groups
Religion & Spirituality
U.S.A. Immigration
Visual Arts
World Languages
World Music
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Stand Up For Peace Website

Our goal in the design of this website is to provide teachers with resources that will serve to increase student understanding of the increasing interconnections found in our global society.

The curriculum modules found at this site were designed to enlighten global citizenship and the responsibilities this entails while recognizing the tensions this creates for national identity.

All modules work to improve students' understanding of effective communication, meaningful empathy, multiple perspectives, global interdependence, historical perspective, and individual and group identity.

Each of the modules included was created through a partnership between New Jersey public school districts and Rutgers University.


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This project is supported by generous grants from the U.S. Department of Education and the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.