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Lesson Plans

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  1. How have children's roles and rights changed over time?

    How do various people define "childhood?"
    Lesson 1 - Defining Childhood Across Cultures
    Lesson 2 - Legal Definitions of Childhood

    How has culture shaped children's roles and rights?
    Lesson 3 - The Roles and Rights of Children in Society
    Lesson 4 - Children of the World

  2. What political factors influence the roles and rights of children?

    How are children affected by war and persecution?
    Lesson 1 - The Impact of War Upon Children
    Lesson 2 - Children in War and Strife: Case Studies

    How do different societies handle child criminals?
    Lesson 3 - Children and the Death Penalty

  3. How do economic pressures undermine the rights internationally guaranteed to children?

    What are the issues surrounding bonded/debt slavery?
    Lesson 1 - Pakistan
    Lesson 2 - India

    What are the conditions of child agricultural labor?
    Lesson 3 - Photo Essay
    Lesson 4 - Poster Assignment

    What is the extent of child sexual exploitation?
    Lesson 5 - Child Prostitution and Sexual Exploitation

  4. What is the international response to child labor problems?

    Lesson 1 - How can international agencies pursue policy changes over a sovereign nations' indifference?
    How can the business community be an ally of those seeking to remedy the problems?

  5. What are the various goals of international organizations with regards to the rights of children?

    Lesson 1 - How do these organizations promote awareness of children's rights issues?
    Lesson 2 - What actions have international organizations taken to safeguard children?
    Lesson 3 - How have nations responded to the challenge of the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

  6. How can students become advocates for their peers, both locally and globally?

    What other resources are available to bring about awareness?
    Lesson 1 - Learn about the Convention on the Rights of the Child
    Lesson 2 - Learn about the global abuses of children's rights
    Lesson 3 - See how children's rights issues are visualized

    How can awareness be turned into action?
    Lesson 4 - What avenues are available to get involved?
    Lesson 5 - Child activists

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