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Roy Licklider
Rutgers University

As Professor Craig Calhoun of NYU states, "Why nationalism comes to dominate in those settings it does…can be answered only within specific contexts, with knowledge of local history, of the nature of state (and other elite) power, and of what other potential or actual movements competed for allegiance" (Nationalism, p.25). The Case Studies in this module are designed to provide students with the insight needed to understand nationalism as it affects individual identity in the face of civil war or some other conflict within the chosen countries. The design of this module should be seen as a variety of resources available to teachers who wish to enrich their students' perspectives with first person points of view. Individual case studies can be used alone for a 1 to 3 day lesson or the entire module can be examined as a cross-cultural unit that would last for approximately 4 weeks.

  • In using this module, teachers are encouraged to use the Introductory Debate to initiate discussion for the module. This debate will help to show how an average community can be divided on an important issue. Use the Lesson Plan provided for this debate if needed.
  • The Reorganizing Curriculum section includes other activities that will help provide cross cultural analysis and discussion such as the Global Citizen's Comparison Chart (download into Word) & Essay Rubric.
  • Pay particular attention to the PEERS Analysis Format. It is a useful tool to examine the Political, Economic, Environmental, Religious, and Social implications of any given event in history, and this organizational technique works well with cooperative groups of 4 - 5 students.
  • Also included in results is the NJ Core Content Standards addressed by the unit and the National Council for Social Studies Standards position on Global Education.

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