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Developed by Michael Lassiter, Highland Park High/Middle School

The following resources should be seen as suggestions for use with the lesson plans provided in the Reorganizing Curriculum Section of this Module:

Maps ‘N’ Facts was a software program used for all maps, flags, and some factual information. Broderbund produces it and I find it to be the easiest to use atlas program.

Library of Congress/ Federal Research Division/ Country Studies/ Area Handbook Series is at and I was amazed at the amount of information on countries that could be found at one site! Some of the information is outdated, but for general information it was great. A lot of pictures, maps, and charts as well. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader for some of them. Check out the Bibliographies on the Outline Homepage of each country. is a fantastic site for articles about more recent controversial events around the world. The country index is quite extensive.


To learn more about the influence of Civil Wars on our global society, click on the links below:
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