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Members: Tom Crop (Bridgewater-Raritan High School), Chris Bellotti (Hunterdon Central Regional High School), Mary Tricarico (Westfield High School), Eric Davis (Rutgers University), Elizabeth Downing (Hunterdon Central Regional High School), Keith Dennison (Hunterdon Central Regional High School), Rebecca McLelland (Perth Amboy High School)

Authentic Assessment


Student Projects

Social Action Projects

  • Adopt a Highway
  • River/Environmental Clean up Day
  • Establish or Enforce Recycling Program at School
  • Students Can Volunteer to Work for Various N.G.O.'s
    • The Rainforest Alliance
    • Surfrider Foundation
    • Greenpeace
    • Zero Population Growth

  • Join or Create an Environmental Club at School

To learn more about the influence of the International Environment on our global society, click on the links below:
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