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Assessment Options

Assessment Options - Defining a Self: Sandra Cisneros' The House on Mango Street


Find a poem about identity written in two languages that you know. Translate the language that is not English. Read the class the original and your translated version and explain how you did the translation.

OR Write and then read a poem in two languages that you know. Use the two languages to express two different sides of a personality.

Visual/Oral and Research:

Watch the film El Norte and do some research into the history of immigration from Mexico. Then compare the situation of the characters in The House on Mango Street to those in the movie and analyze how both were affected by U.S. immigration policies.

Visual/Oral and Research:

Study some basic aspects of movie technique to enable you to make a storyboard. Then write a storyboard for a film of The House on Mango Street, including at least 10 vignettes. How would you capture the narration of Esperanza and Esperanza as a character? How could you find some visual equivalent for the vignette form? Include notes for sound as well.

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