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Lesson Plans
Developed by East Brunswick High School,
Freehold Regional High School District,
Highland Park High/Middle School,
& South Brunswick High School

Instructional Objectives

Students Will:

  1. Understand historical and contemporary patterns of immigration to the United States.
  2. Appreciate the diversity of motives for immigration to the United States.
  3. Evaluate the impacts of immigration on American politics, economy, culture, and environment.
  4. Evaluate the impact of American politics, economy, culture, and environment on the immigrant.
  5. Understand historical and contemporary patterns of emigration from the United States.

Teacher Objectives

An organizational tool for teachers to incorporate the social sciences in any lesson or cooperative group activity

P = Politics
E = Economics
E = Environment / Geography
R = Religion
S = Sociology

Develop an awareness of the complexity of personal reactions to the immigrant experience.

Increase understanding of cultural diversity within the classroom and the larger community.

This Introductory Lesson on Cultural Diversity can be used to improve student awareness about the diversity in their classroom.

Essential (Core) Questions:

Each of the core questions will examine the historical comparisons between immigration in the 1800’s, 1900’s, and today. By clicking on the linked qustions, teachers can explore lesson plans designed to address the question chosen.

  1. Why do immigrants come to the United States of America?
    P - What are the political reasons immigrants come?
    E - What are the economic reasons immigrants come?
    E - What are the environmental/geographic factors that cause immigrants to come?
    R - What are the religious reasons immigrants come?
    S - What are the societal / cultural reasons immigrants come?
  2. Is immigration good for the United States of America?
    P - How do immigrants participate as citizens in the USA?
    E - How has immigration impacted the American economy?
    E - Why do immigrants settle where they do?
    R - What are the implications of religious practices in their new communities?
    S - What cultural patterns are changing due to immigration?
  3. Is coming to the United States of America good for the immigrant?
    P - What are the rights of non-citizen immigrants?
    E - Do immigrants benefit economically by coming to the USA?
       Cuban-American Baseball Experience
    E - How does urban, suburban, and rural immigration compare and contrast?
    R - Are religious practices affected by cultural assimilation?
    S - How are immigrants received by American communities?
  4. What are the literary, artistic, scientific, and technological contributions of immigrants to the United States?
    This Question can be explored by pursuing a Multicultural Fair as well.
  5. What are some of the reasons for emigration from the United States?
  6. What is the future of immigration to the USA and what will be its impact?
  7. What has been America's wartime reaction to Immigrants?

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