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Lesson Plans

Core Questions

  1. How does language reflect and/or influence culture?
  2. How do the various world languages look and sound?
  3. What are the basic grammatical structures of world languages?
  4. How have world languages diffused and changed through history?
  5. How do we make language acquisition easier and more relevant to learners?

We intend to implement these questions through using languages in context, by showing the characteristics of the various languages, studying the historical influences upon languages, and comparing these items across languages. A key component in the demonstration and instruction in the language will be a thematic, multi-sensory approach that will show and use the vocabulary and grammar in universally recognizable situations. Emphasis will be on the use of the target language in these universal situations.

Lesson Plans

  1. Importance of Language Acquisition
    "How Do You Say 'Do You Want Fries With That' in Another Language?
    Future Jobs and the Importance of Language"
  2. Language Recognition and Language Families
    "It's Not All Greek to Me: Saying Hello Around the World."
  3. English First? The Bilingual Debate


  1. Thematic Unit on School
    Lesson Plan 1
    Lesson Plan 2

French / Spanish

  1. My Family
  2. Birthday Celebration
  3. Let's Get Dressed

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