Children, no matter their nationality, face conflicts when interacting with peers and need tools for dealing with them. "Stand Up for Peace" is a website that can be beneficial for children across borders. It will help them to identify problems between peers, recognize the emotions of those involved, and brainstorm peaceful resolutions for some sample conflicts.

In this tri-lingual website, French, Spanish, and English, students will see scenarios in the form of pictures and video clips that show students facing real-life peer problems. These images accompanied with text and audio will equip the children with sentence structures and ideas about peaceful resolution tools.

Any teacher interested in having children learn tools for peaceful conflict resolution can use the resources provided in this site. If there is a desire to email and teleconference with other students, the teacher will need to locate the partners.

Those elementary schools participating in the pilot project form two groups. One partnership is between Canadians and Americans and the second is between Mexicans and Americans. While students learn the skills of peaceful conflict resolution, they will also be learning French, Spanish, or English.

Practice scenarios of various conflicts will provide the resources to teach language and peaceful resolution skills. Two additional scenarios will be the basis for the desktop teleconferencing. Finally, students will send drawings of conflicts experienced first-hand to the partners abroad and seek advice

No matter their nationality, children can learn and teach each other peaceful conflict resolution and stand up for peace.

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