Kids Practice: Teleconferencing Explanation

Have you ever had fights with your friends? Has somebody in your class every made you angry? Have you ever hurt a friend's feelings?

If you are a participant in the pilot project of "Peaceful Conflict Resolution," you will have a partner in Canada, Mexico, or the USA. You will be teleconferencing about problems between children. If you speak Spanish, or are studying Spanish, then you will be teleconferencing between Mexican and American students. If you speak French, or are studying French, then you will be teleconferencing between Canadian and American students.

Whether or not you are a participant in the pilot project, this purpose of this site is to prepare you to interview students from another country about conflicts between children. You will be asking questions about the behavior of the children involved, the problem and a possible solution. The scenarios in this part of the website will give you practice in learning both the questions and possible answers. You can find the same information is in English, French, and Spanish. It is important to learn to speak well in your second language because you will be using the sentences and questions provided in this section when you teleconference live with your partners in Canada, Mexico, or the USA.

There are two problem scenarios to help you practice for teleconferencing. For each, there are two video clips.

  • The first shows the conflict
  • The second shows a possible solution

The two problem scenarios are:

There are two possible solutions provided for the same problems.

Good luck!

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